Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I know I am asking the right price?
A. Valuing your home has never been an exact science – there are many things to consider. The location, style and size of the accommodation are usually the most important factors, together with the condition of the property and any improvements that may have been carried out. We research recent sales in the area and take account of current demand for your type of property.

Q. Why do I need to show you my ID before you can market my property?
A. In 2004 the government extended the Anti Money Laundering Legislation requiring estate agents to verify the identity of their clients. This formality is conducted with the minimum of inconvenience.

Q. Will l still have to pay your fees if my property does not sell or I take it off the market?
A. You will only be liable to pay our fees if we introduce a buyer who exchanges contracts. Estate agents have traditionally funded the cost of marketing property on a ‘No Sale No Fee’ basis. Our terms of business are based on the guidelines recommended by the Office of Fair Trading and will be confirmed to you in writing before we commence marketing your property.

Q. If I give you a key to my home will you accompany buyers to view?
A. Yes. Many owners prefer to leave keys with us for daytime viewing appointments, and we will always accompany potential purchasers. Keys are security coded and are never released without your prior authority to do so.

Q. Apart from advertising and the Internet how else would you market my property?
A. Not everybody has access to the internet and we are one of the few agents in the area who still support a comprehensive mailing system. We also keep in regular telephone contact with the most active buyers and viewing appointments are often arranged on the same day we receive your instructions to market your property.

Q. Will I receive feedback following viewings?
A. Frequent communication between the agent and client is essential. We are both looking to achieve the same goal and will review market response with you regularly.

Q. Can you find me a buyer quickly?
A. We will always endeavour to introduce a buyer as soon as possible, but it is important that we establish the buyers position with regard to funding and dependent transactions, as well as their ability to accomodate your ongoing plans.

Q. Should I take my property off the market once I have accepted an offer?
A. Your buyers will usually expect you to remove the property from the market whilst they arrange for their survey and mortgage valuation. There are circumstances when it would be considered prudent to continue marketing the property, if for example the buyers dependent chain was incomplete, but we would always recommend informing the buyers of your intentions.

Q. Can I market my property immediately?
Despite the demise of HIPs, the law states that there is a duty on the person acting on behalf of the seller (meaning the estate agent) to be satisfied that an EPC has been commissioned before commencing marketing. If required we can assist you with the preparation of the EPC and this can normally be secured within a couple of days.

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