A Different Approach

Our industry has a bit of an image problem. For years, the news and media has been full of horror stories about estate agents. Everyone knows someone who’s had a bad experience with one. People tend to say we’re “all as bad as each other”. But speak to any of our satisfied vendors and you hear a very different story.

We’re proud of our reputation. We’ve helped literally tens of thousands of people buy and sell property over the years, with many new clients finding us through recommendation and word-of-mouth. Reputation is something you just can’t buy, no matter how much money you throw at it (although we’ve seen other agents try!). We’d like to tell you that we’re different (because we really are!), but you’ve probably heard that before.

So instead of just telling you all the ways we’re different, we’d like to encourage you to do your own research.

One way to do this would be to go online. Positive opinions are harder to find online, because people tend to be more vocal when they’re unhappy, but at least a bad agent will stand out like a sore thumb.

Better yet, speak to friends, family or simply local people in the area. Chances are we’ve helped someone who will sing our praises on our behalf.
At John Payne, although we are at the cutting edge of marketing and technology, we believe in the old ways of doing business. We believe in the values of trust, professionalism and service. We put our clients interest first, above our own.

While we use bullet points in our marketing material, we only ask that you look beyond the checklists and statistics, to the real measure of an agent’s worth: reputation.

It’s everything to us, and we hope to you too.

With six interconnected branches, all based in the local area, we have more presence and visibility than any other agent locally.

We’ve also been established for over 35 years, which means we’re one of the most recognisable local brands. But also, we’re not a national chain, which means we’re able to be much more flexible and adaptable in our entire approach.

Let’s be honest, on paper at least, most modern estate agents provide a similar service. We all offer full colour printed brochures, we all advertise in the media and on the property portals, and we all have our own website.

These are the things you can quantify, that you can see with your own eyes. But what about the things which are much harder to measure?

How will your agent respond when you have questions or problems? Promptly or eventually?

How effective are they sending properties of interest to buyers without becoming a pest? How accurate are they with their valuations? Are they trying to get you the best price, or are they just over-inflating the figure just to get your property on their books? These things happen all the time.

Most importantly, how are they motivated? What is the company ethos when it comes to doing business? These things have the biggest influence over how you are treated as a client.

Given that you are entrusting your house to your estate agent, you’re entitled to ask these questions, and to expect good answers. Relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding.

If you'd like to try an estate with a different approach, please get in touch.

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